Perinatal Specialized Psychiatric Care

Mental health needs during pregnancy, delivery and after delivery have nuances that require specialized care. Get a thorough evaluation by a psychiatrist with specialized training in perinatal mental health.

While nearly 80% of all new moms experience a mild form of depression and anxiety, commonly referred to as the “baby blues,” approximately 20% experience a perinatal mood, anxiety or mental health disorder. In the past, many women remained silent about their struggles; now, more women are asking for the help they need.

Our compassionate perinatal specialist has experience caring for women in the perinatal period and can help you live happily, feeling ready to raise the new addition(s) to your families.

Perinatal psychiatry services

The treatment offered at the Zoe Integrated Care Perinatal Specialized Care Program may benefit a wide range of new or expectant mothers, including: